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Hello there,

it has been a while since I have posted here, but you guys have been great all the way throughout my accreditation of my german nursing education here in the US.

Well, I have been working as an RN in the US for almost six years now after my CGFNS report was filed and I was able to sit in the NCLEX-RN, which I passed on the first try :yes:.

I am now in the process of trying to obtain my BSN and while I have been able to obtain most of the core classes and have been in the RN to BSN program for a while now, my college (Armstrong in Savannah) is requesting me to take a chemistry class with labs. This is a almost five month long class with 3x week class plus labs. I work full time and have a family. While I am very thankful for all the opportunity, I am a little fed up with all the crazy requirements... Motivation is at a low :banghead:

Does anyone have an idea how I could try to go around this campus class?

My education in Germany covered chemistry, as well as physics, and micro. They also req me to do the 2nd A&P with labs, which I can understand to some point.

Again, I have done my core classes, most RN to BSN classes and hold a GPA of 3.64.

Thank you in advance for all your information and help!


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