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College of the Canyons Spring 2018

by Shiiiro Shiiiro (New) New

Not sure if this has been posted yet. I'm applying to COC's nursing program for Spring 2018. Supposedly they accept 50 students every semester. Anyone else applying here?


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I am! Hoping to get in...I heard its 30 students.

I'm applying for COC Spring 2018 and I've went to the information session as well. They are accepting 50 applicants. Good luck everyone upon receiving Great News:)!

I've gone to an information session as well I mean...

Hello! I received my acceptance email, very excited. I am wondering if anyone has any idea on what the class schedule will be like? I currently work up in Bishop as a medic and am hoping I can keep some sort of a work schedule up there. I am sure we will know more from our information session soon. Good luck everyone! see you soon!