Queen of the Napa Valley is unionize

  1. Nearly 500 RNs will be part of Calif. Nurses Assn.
    Napa Valley Register
    Registered nurses at Queen of the Valley Medical Center voted by 64 percent Tuesday night to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United.
    The RNs, who voiced a variety of concerns from safe staffing to unit closures, voted 248 to 140 to join CNA in a secret ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board, according to CNA. Nearly 500 RNs at Queen of the Valley will now be represented by CNA.
    CNA's executive director, RoseAnn DeMoro, said she was not surprised by Tuesday night's results, because many Queen of the Valley RNs have talked to CNA for years about joining the union.
    "I'm very happy and proud of those nurses," she said.
    Joining the union gives nurses a "very strong voice" in fighting for patients, and it also creates a more stable workforce at the Queen, DeMoro said.
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