Nurses at Hahnemann and St. Chris ratify first labor contract

  1. Philadelphia Inquirer

    Nurses at Hahnemann and St. Chris ratify labor contracts

    ...More than 90 percent of 1,375 nurses at the facilities owned by Tenet Healthcare voted in favor of the new agreements, the union said.

    Among the highlights of the contracts are the establishment of experience-based wage scales, with the top rate reaching $51.72 per hour at Hahnemann and $51.50 at St. Chris; 15 percent evening- and night-shift differentials; and a union-management committee that will examine incidents of improper reassignments of registered nurses. ..

    ...Between January and April, PASNAP organized workers at at four hospitals, involving nearly 2,800 nurses and healthcare professionals. Contract negotiations continue for 950 registered nurses at Albert Einstein Medical Center, in Philadelphia, and for 450 registered nurses and technical staff at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Upper Darby, PASNAP said.

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  3. by   herring_RN
    They have some success in their long difficult struggle for their patients and the nursing profession.
    I wish the PASNAP nurses working at Tenet facilities well.