Calif. Election Called Biggest RN Union Win

  1. California Election Called Biggest RN Union Win in 7 Years

    In what is believed to be the biggest U.S. election win for non-union hospital registered nurses in seven years, RNs at a Los Angeles area hospital Wednesday night voted to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. With their hard fought election win - by a count of 279 to 261 in secret ballot voting conducted by the National Labor Relations Board - RNs at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance, Ca. withstood what CNA characterized as a furious anti-union campaign by hospital management and its high paid anti-union consultants.
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    YEAH!!!! Thanks for the post!
  4. by   GerberaDaisy
    Yea LCMH NURSES,,, I was a Travel nurse there & saw FIRSTHAND how much stong representation was badly needed. Good for you!!
  5. by   Tao2200
    Good for them, go California Nurses!