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collaborative interventions


I need some help with part of my care plan. It is a page titled collaborative interventions and referrals. the headings are : wound care, dietary, home health referrals, social work consult, PT, OT, RT, mental health/groups, spiritual groups, and educational needs. I understand what i need for some of them, but i am not answering enough for the home health referals, mental health, and social work. Could someone help me with some more answers?


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What diagnosis are you doing the care plan on? Some of these interventions may not pertain to your pt.

the problem is most don't! but i have to have something for all of them.

Pt: 26yo M Hodgkin's lymphoma receiving chemo. otherwise completely healthy. plans to run around in between bout's of chemo. having no problems with chemo besides slight nausea that a 10mg dose of compazine took care of. i am at a loss because he won't need home health, PT, OT, etc........thanks for any help!