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my co-worker set me up


i'm upset right now becuase my co-worker set me up. i called her today and asked her if she can work for me today. we have to get approval from either don or staff scheduler to approve schedule change. she said she will call me back if its been approved or not. few minutes later she called me back and said she talk to don and she said she approved it. so me being so stupid i trusted her and thinking i didnt have to work today. i come back home and don left message on my answering machine that i didnt show up to work???? :flmngmd::flmngmd::flmngmd::flmngmd: i'm really ****** off right now because this evil person set me up.:devil::devil: if i talk to don about this she's going to deny everything. any advice?

You should know better than to trust anyone in the health care field.

Next time, call your DON or ADON instead of calling a co-worker. You should've sent her text messages, instead of calling her because you would have proof she told you she was going to cover for you.

Since you were the one who needed the change, it was your responsibility to talk to the DON or ADON and obtain the approval. You walked into that one. Tell the DON what happened, take responsibility for not getting the required approval and learn from this. Never trust that individual again. You should have known better all the way around. Next time you won't make the same mistake. And for that matter, even a trustworthy person can get off track and not take care of something. Do it yourself if you want it done and done right.

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You should know better than to trust anyone in the health care field.

Excuse me?

To the OP, all you can do is be truthful and explain what happened, and go forward and learn from this. Good luck, I hope everything works out.


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I am sorry that happend to you. Mabye your co worked came in and your boss just thought she was working extra and did not know she was covering for you? Crosses fingers that is what it is.


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You should know better than to trust anyone in the health care field.

KB24... I take MUCH offense at this statement:mad::mad:... I am in the healthcare field, in one of the most respected/trusted professions in the WORLD... The OP should never trust this individual again, but, that was a broad slap in the face you made... Now, back on topic...

Shame for not getting anything in writing, as was already stated, own up to the mistake and do not make the same mistake twice.


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I would confront this co worker and tell her what you really think. Apologize to your don and explain without giving excuses for yourself, and move on, and remember when she needs a favor in the future.

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In my institution, all switched shifts are required to have both party's signatures on a request detailing the specifics for the switch, submitted to the office no later than 24 hours before the start of that shift, with an authorizing signature by supervision, before it is to be considered valid. No amount of "he said, she said" is even entertained. If you don't have the piece of paper with three names on it, it ain't happening.

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Now wait, are you positive this co-worker hosed you? Unless she is really trying to get you in some trouble or is just mean like that, I don't get why she'd make the effort to call you back and say it was okay. To me, it makes more sense if she had just blown you off when you asked by later telling you that it wasn't okay when she never asked in the first place, assuming she wasn't intending on working for you in the first place despite her saying she'd ask, you know what I mean? Is there another possible scenario that could have happened here?

Is it possible there is a misunderstanding? I assume you and this other person had an ok relationship since you asked her for a favor in the first place, so maybe she did go in and it was just a mix up on the DON's part.

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without paperwork, you don't have a leg to stand on.....apoligize, go in humbly, and from now on call the DON or management yourself...lesson learned.

I won't even comment on the statement that got everyone so PO'd....speaks for itsself to the level of your personality.

It is one of the things that amazed me at the last place I worked. The system for switching days with another person was very informal. They just went it and changed it on the master schedule without a word to anyone in charge. I thought they were begging for problems. Everywhere else I worked a request for schedule change had to be filled out and signed by both parties and then signed by manager.

First, as we should all do, seek to understand and don't react. Ask your co-worker what happened. Maybe there was a miscommunication somewhere with her and the DON. Explain the situation to your DON and proceed from there. We all make mistakes.

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Just look at this as a learning experience. For now on call the DON yourself to get the requested time off. I've seen this happen often.

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Humbly apologize to the DON and explain that it was a mix-up but still totally YOUR responsibility.

Regardless of what happened, don't make things worse by laying the blame elsewhere. Take responsibility, promise that it'll never happen again, and then make sure it doesn't.

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The moral of the story: If you need someone's permission to make a schedule change make sure that you have it, not just someone else's word that you do. I have had discussions with several employees who talked to each other about changing schedules without my permission. As a manager it makes it tough if people are cutting their own deals and leaving you out of the discussion.


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How do you know she set you up and it wasn't a misunderstanding about the day or something? Why are you getting so upset before you speak to the coworker or the DON? what kind of teamwork does your facility have if these are the first things to cross your mind?

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i am sorry you are in this situation but try to calm down and evaluate things in a different perspective....

i would think your DON called because you did not ask for approval nor confirmed that you will take the day off (since you were the one who needed the change not your co-worker).... she was right to say "you did not show up for work" --- because you really didn't whether you colleague spoke to her or not.

What I also think is that your co-worker did actually talk to the DON, and that the DON waited for your call but you did not, unfortunately --- she made that call to give you a lesson, for you to think better.... i also think that your co-worker just told you exactly what happened.... (again, you should have called your DON and then say, "I understand that nurse so and so already told you that ....................... I just want to confirm your approval.)

most of the time, when we allow our emotions to flare up, we do not think well---it builds negative thoughts and lots of anger (which happened to me many times in the past --- i learned well)...

take responsibility..... try to talk in a professional manner whether it be with the DON or co-worker.... learn from your mistake.

good luck!