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is CNRN appealing for neuro pediatric nurse recruiter?

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Hello fellow nurses 🙂

I'm currently have two jobs: one full time at a freestanding rehab hospital and the other one is PRN at a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) 

During these two jobs, I've realized I love neuro, and I want to work with pediatric population!

I enjoy working with geriatric patient at the rehab hospital. However, in the future I want to work with pediatric population. Kids just win my heart 🙂

I am interested in taking CNRN exam. However, it's costly and it will take great effort to pass the exam (yes, I've heard how hard the exam is!), and I will pay out of my pocket. So I want to know if CNRN is appealing for neuro pediatric nurse recruiter? My disadvantage here is no acute care experience :( and I don't think hospital is interested in hiring nurses without real acute pedi experience? (I have applied once before and still got rejected despite my PRN experience in PPEC)

And as my understanding CNRN is more covering of adults (like dementia, MS, stroke etc), not sure if I'm right. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So I'm not too sure if it's appealing for children hospital. 

My question is I'm just wondering if you guys think it's worth the investment if my future goal is neuro pedi unit? 

Thank you, lovely nurses 🙂

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FeliciaRNCPN has 5 years experience.

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Do you have the option of getting pediatric certification? That would probably be the best option.

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