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CNOR sample questions online?


Just submitted my app for the CNOR exam. A while back when I was looking into this, I came across a website where you could buy access to a couple of hundred sample questions for about $50 for three day's access. Now I can't find that site: anyone know a link to it? I don't want to pay a fortune for a review course,just take some sample tests to get a feel for what they'll ask and HOW they ask it. Just like the NCLEX, I get a feeling that the wording of the questions for the CNOR is just as important as the content.

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The CCI website offers sample questions- I can't remember how to get there, but it would probably turn up if you search the site. They aren't free though. They also sell a CD-ROM with either 100 or 200 questions (not sure which and I can't check since I loaned mine to a coworker). I think the CD-ROM would be the better value over the online questions.