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CNM questions

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Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and have enjoyed browsing all the conversations! i am getting ready to start my ADN and am planning on working in L&D after that for about a year and then applying to Frontier for the ADN-MSN bridge...i have a couple questions though. Although my reasons for choosing this career, lets be realistic, we all need money HAH! what is the pay really like? i searched online and found 70-90k? is this legit? also, what about malpractice insurance? i am planning on working either in a hospital or a birthing center. As a CNM can i have my own practice (birthing center), or do i have to work under a doctor?

thank you for your time in advance, all of this is very new to me!


The pay is about right depending on where you will be practicing. Yes, you can have your own practice but most birthing center work/affiliated with doctors just in case of complications (ex: C-section). Hope this helps....


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Starting pay is around 40 dollars an hour here in michigan.