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CNA work in a same day surgery center


I'm about to start working in a surgery center as a CNA in a week or so.

What would be the type of work that I would be doing there? They told me a gist of what to expect, but what skills should I be polishing to be ready for training? There's training but I'd like to know what to do in training too.

I work in home health right now and it's repetitive, and I'm ready to move on from it.

I don't have any advice as to what you will doing, but want to ask how did you get the job? Did you answer an ad?

Yes, I did. I saw it on one of those jobs website (I forgot the name). I didn't even know that these places exist. It was a rare occurrence for me. I saw the place and it's similar to a doctor's office but it was larger and has it's own surgery room, PACU, etc.