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CNA Training, what are my chances?


I live in a state where the governor put an executive order to allow LTC facilities the opportunity to hire Personal Care Attendants (PCA). I went through a 5 hour virtual classroom training and then did a 3 hour in-person training earlier this week. I really enjoyed it and have since been researching Free CNA training courses, I found a couple that will start next month with two different LTC facilities. I applied to both to increase my chances of being selected. My question is, what do you think my chances are of receiving a call back are? I live about 40 mins away from each facility, but I let them know (in writing because the application was online) that if given the opportunity I would re-locate to be closer to the facility.


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I would say your chances are pretty good. LTC facilities typically have a high turnover rate for CNAs and are always looking to hire CNAs, especially with the current COVID situation. At least that's how it is in the midwest. A large portion of employers don't necessarily mind how far away from the facility you are as long as you arrive on time and don't let it interfere with your work.

I did hear from them and applied, I am just waiting to hear back. Thanks for responding!