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Hello all I just started a new job at a state prison I was wondering if there were any other cnas working at a prison here? If so what to expect what kind of work do you do ?

since i dont expect to be changing diapers and using hoyer lifts I was just curious



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I used to work at a prison before I made the BIG mistake of going to work for a hospital. I would get the charts ready for the admits (inmates). When the inmates where in the facility, I would take vitals. I would do 1/2 rounds and change a diaper for an 80-year-old inmate.

I was make $$$ there. I don't know why I left! I hate the hospital that I work in.



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i worked at one of the cdcr prisons as an lvn. the two cna's who worked with me where only responsible for the doctors line, i.e. making sure charts were present and ready, taking vitals and assisting with various office work. it truly depends on each prison and position in the prison. some prisons have their own icu/psych units that required more traditional cna work, i.e. bed-baths, peri-care. some cna's would be offered 1-1 watches for 5-point restraints.

remember to be flexible and not to practice outside your scope, which you will be asked to do. watch your backside because the management doesn't give a rats-behind about your certification.

good luck and remember the state at least pays well.