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CNA Skills Testing


Hi Everyone!

I completed my CNA course about a year and a half ago but haven't tested with Red Cross yet. The book they gave me has about 40 skills that we were responsible for knowing, but I was told recently that there are a lot less now. Does anyone have a list of which ones we could possibly be tested on? (I'm in California) Thanks so much in advance!

I'm taking the exam and skills test this Friday. Im from San Diego.

Here go to this link:


Then click on the Candidate Handbook. Read pages 18 through 38, skills. There are now 24 Skills total, but California does not test on Catheter Care. So that makes 23 skills to study, yay! At the testing site, they will test you on 5 randomly chosen skills. The two will be handwashing, and the other has to do with measuring something. Best wishes and Good luck! :nurse:


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How was the test? I take mine on June 5th and am nervous! Please, if you get a chance, let me know what to expect okay?

Thank you!



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Sorry...vital information here...I'm taking my test in San Diego as well. I finish school on the 22nd of May.

Thank you!!

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