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cna reciprocity question

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Hello!! I have a question about reciprocity with your CNA. I live in Pennsylvania, and have lived here my entire life. I live near the border of New York. I am interested in starting a CNA class that is held in New York and they would offer me a full time job at their facility, which is incredible. My question is... since then I would have my New York CNA and not my Pennsylvania... if something would ever happen that I would want to work in Pennsylvania as a certified nurses aide, what would I have to do to get my Pennsylvania CNA, would I have to retake tests or classes or anything!? Hope to hear back soon, thanks so much!!! :D

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According to the DoH website, you would have to re-test:

Eligibility by Examination

  • You are eligible for testing if you have completed a nurse aide training program approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education within the last 24 months. Or
  • You are a student nurse with an approved application of eligibility from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Or
  • You were trained out of state and have received approval to test from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Or
  • Your Pennsylvania nurse aide registry has lapsed because you have not worked one documented day providing nursing related services for 24 months or more.


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