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CNA/PCT Schools in South Florida?

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Good Day All Nurses!!

Me again, Lolz!! I wanted to know if anyone here attended OR know of friends of family that went to:

Nursing Unlimited

Lindsey Hopkins

Miami-Dade College

McFatter/Sheridan/Atlantic's - CNA,PCT,EKG,Phlebotomy Programs?


I am serious thinking about these schools and which BEST works with my schedule.. Also, I'am EXTREMELY TERRIFIED of putting my money in a school that doesnt reap any rewards :confused:. I will be making a trip to each for personal experience but wanted to know the point of view of those that attended or are enrolled? Those that completed their courses did you land job; Hospital or LTC?


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It's me again replying:). I've never attended any of these schools, but with the exception of Nursing Unlimited, the schools you listed are all state schools which means the training there will probably be top-notch. I took an HHA course at Nursing Unlimited once and was not impressed but that was 8 years ago. Back then their only CNA class was a 3-week prep course.

I attended an orientation for McFatter's PCT program once and although I didn't enroll, I still remember what they talked about if that helps.

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