What time does AM shift start?

  1. Okay I had an interview today and got offered the job! However the shift started at 6 am and I can not work till 6:45 or 7 am. Do all LTC shifts start at 6 am? I was really hoping to find a 7-3 shift! I filled out three other applications and have two interviews tomorrow. I really want to start working as a CNA soon and think I will get more job offers but am so worried they will all be for at six am.
    The only daycares in town open that early did not seem like they had high quality care but I suppose if the only way I can get a job is if I switch my kids daycare I have to do it.
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  3. by   mindyfromcali
    Everywhere I've worked it's 7am, unless it's the VA. I'm not even sure when their morning shift is, though, because I only worked there on PM and nights.
  4. by   SlaveHeart
    Thanks Mindi! I too am from Cali so I will hope you're right and that the facilities I interview with tomorrow have 7-3 shifts!
  5. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I think most facilities have 7-3. I work in one place where they have some people come in 6-2 but even then most people are 7-3.