what is the pay in your state in Home health care

  1. what is the pay rate in your state working for a home health care agency?
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  3. by   casi
    In Minnesota they vary based on experience. From what I've seen most start around $10.50/hr and want 1-2 years experience as a CNA/HHA.

    Though I have seen one company in the area who will train people to be PCAs and are ALWAYS hiring, they start at $8.50. I don't exactly know how much I would trust them as a compnany.
  4. by   chadash
    I live in a somewhat large city and was paid about 12 to 13 dollars/hour for home health through an agency.
  5. by   Boy_Saves_Girl
    I am in California. My husband started 5 yrs ago with a client @ $10/hr and is now @ $17/hour with the same client. The average pay for my area (Santa Barbara County) is anywhere from $10/hr w/ an agency to $18+/hr w/o an agency in the more upscale areas (Montecito, Los Olivos).