Tired of CNA work

  1. I am so sick and tired of being a cna. i have been one for ten years and I have completely burned out. I believe nursing preys on women's compassion and nurturing nature and completely drains them of both. I no longer desire to be a nurse, and I am working very hard to free myself of dreadful cna slave labor. The never ending call lights, the never ending trips to the bathroom, bottomless piles of feces and urine, obnoxious family members, obnoxious tapping and banging on side rails, vitals and more vitals, showering stinky 500 lb patients, emesis, lazy Rn's and lvn's, egotistical doctor's, 12 hour shifts, transferring dead weight, lack of help, lack of staff, being hit, spat on, KICKED and cussed out, being denied vacation because of lack of staff, constant cleaning, BROKEN BACKS, I am done being used and abused.
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  3. by   PRican
    I completely understand your frustation. What kind of setting have you worked in? Maybe it is your work environment.
  4. by   Wannabenurseneko
    Do you work in a nursing home ?