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  1. i started my dream job there is only one patient though. i'm still in training but i'm a little scared that because everyone else in the facility came from the hospital and knows everything about each other and the patent that i falling short already. i'm eager to learn but i'm afraid i'm going to make a mistake or something. also i feel like i have forgotten all of my schooling already. also nervous because they haven't trained me on the system they use for patient notes and vitals. also i only work when the patient is asleep. so we work in semi darkness so we don't wake the patient. any advise? or wise words
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  3. by   Missingyou
    Don't be So hard on yourself. You are learning. Your co-workers know that. You WILL make mistakes, it's part of learning. Just pay attention and always think of patient safety.

    ....wait, ONE patient!?
  4. by   starbabe
    we now have two patients we are a very new facility