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  1. is there a list of all lvn programs (and their passing percentage) anywhere? i've been doing a lot of research on various lvn programs out there, but i haven't settled on the right one yet. i am a cna and i would like to continue my education in nursing. does anyone know if the rop vocational nursing program is absolutely free? i've only heard, but i'm not too sure if this is true. thank you for taking the time in reading this message.
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  3. by   casi
    Check out your state board of nursings website. Some of the site's have the pass/fail rates of the different schools.
  4. by   shadchan
    The ROP Vocational Nursing program is $1,200, payable at the time of your acceptance into the program, but I believe that cost is all inclusive. At least, this is from the Southern California ROP information I have. I don't believe the cost would vary though.

    Hope it helps!