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  1. There is a shift differential topic in the general nursing forum, but all the amounts are geared towards nurses. I'm curious what shift differentials are for CNAs in hospitals? I hope to be working weekend nights, which I'm told would get me 2 differentials. Is that how most places are? Do they usually do a percent or a set amount?
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  3. by   CJolin
    Well, I work in a CBRF and work 3rd shift. I get $0.75/hr more than 1st or 2nd shift. Every other weekend is manditory, so we dont get a dif. for that. We also get $1 more per hour if we are called in without a 24hr notice. That is nice!

  4. by   jb2u
    at my hospital it is $1 for nights and $2 for weekend nights.
    weekend days is $1.
  5. by   SamHill
    I'm a tech on a neuro-surg floor. Shift Dif is .93 an hour for every hour worked between 3pm and 7am.
  6. by   LanaBanana
    Well, when I interviewed today they told me that it is 25 cents for weekends and 95 cents for nights, weekend nights is 25+95 fir CNAs. I was expecting more.
  7. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Ours is 2.00 for 2nd shift, 2.50, for third, and 2.00 for weekends.