Recommend an MA program?

  1. Hi wonderful peeps!

    I wanted to ask if anyone has had experiences with reputable online MA programs. Paying $24K for an MA program is ridiculous in my opinion. Has anyone tried Penn Foster? Or can you recommend a program. I'm looking for an online program since I can't drive long distances.
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  3. by   sueall
    Think long term, not short term. Paying anything over $5k for an MA certificate is a waste of money. An online program for an administrative medical assistant certificate is fine, and can be done through a reputable on-line school (such as Blackstone, for instance) for under $1,500. It would allow you to sit for NCCT CMAA certification. I did the Blackstone route for my administrative MA certification and it was great. But an on-line CLINICAL medical assistant program? A total boondoggle in the making. You won't learn what you need to be competitive and marketable in an already crowded profession. And the higher-paying hospitals and clinics will be looking for well-trained, certified medical assistants. Don't throw your time and money away.