1. I live in the state of Oregon, which has one of the most stringent requirements for nurse assistant certification. If i were to travel to another state, would my certification be granted reciprocity by the BON of another state? Where can I find this information? I have looked on the OSBON website but haven't found any information about this regarding CNA/CNA II certification. Or would it be up to the BON of any potential state I were to move to?
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  3. by   sonomala
    I think it might be up to the BON of the state your looking at moving too. On our state site under the FAQS, I think thats the location on the site, it says that nc doesn't have reciprocity with any state. Good luck
  4. by   adorblepuppy
    if you move to north carolina you can stand to take the test without taking the test. It has a name but i can't think of it right now. good luck.
  5. by   Joanae
    I found that is helpful. Just look up the state and it will either give you the information on reciprocity or if it is like NC they may offer a test out option. If you can't find the state you are looking for just google reciprocity for whatever state. Hope I could help