Per-Diem Shifts for TN CNA Renewal--Worked Private-Duty

  1. I live in Tennessee, where the requirement to renew as a CNA is to work at least 8 hours in a healthcare facility. I worked as a CNA for a year, but in a group home that didn't qualify. Is there anywhere I could get a couple of per-diem shifts? If not, I can always take the class again, but that's $800 I'd prefer not to spend. (I know there are free CNA classes, but since I have no intention of working for the facilities that hold them, that's not the best option for me.)
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    I would just edit, but I don't see a button for that, so I assume I can't. It turns out that the site only named one of several facility types that are referenced on the actual renewal application. My work experience was fine.