Online CNA Classes?

  1. Hello! I have decided to become a CNA to better understand the field. Are there any reputable online CNA classes? Or is this something that is better done as face to face training?
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  3. by   Missingyou
    Never heard on cna online classes. Most states require some hands on clinical training. You will also have to pass a state test for certification. You will have to pass training to vet the ok to test.
  4. by   sueall
    Some community colleges offer hybrid CNA programs. The didactic part is on-line, but the clinical "hands on" part is on campus/at a nursing facility. Completion of both parts is required for passing the program and for taking the certification exam. It's similar to drivers ed -- part classroom, part out on the real road.
  5. by   nursetobequestionmark
    I wouldn't trust any nursing program that's fully online unless it's an RN-BSN.