My work experience update!

  1. well, i haven't posted in eons, but that's because i'm so busy working!!! yeaaahhhh. i work with second stage dimentia residents and i love it!! it's amazingly rewarding and the residents are wonderful. it feels so good to finally get to know them and their needs . . . what their triggers are and what soothes them.

    i am so blessed to be able to support them through this stage of their lives. my unit is quiet and peaceful except for the occassional outbursts of laughter from the staff who are great to work with.

    at this place, we attain the level of care that we usually only hear about in our textbooks. i'm feel so fortunate to be working where i am.
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  3. by   nguyency77
    Awesome! It's great to hear from a fellow CNA who actually likes her work. Congratulations on finding your niche. I'm sure your residents appreciate what you do for them every day.