Medical prep of pinellas/Jobs?

  1. Hi everyone! i recently completed a CNA prep class at Medical Prep of Pinellas.I am scheduled to take my CNA exam June 16, does anyone know any places that will hire before being certified. Or is there anyone who has completed there CNA prep program, and taken the test?How did you do?
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  3. by   Elisabeth louis
    It was ok,,,,i was nervous so i told the woman who was supervising me that i was nervous which is why i was shaking, she said to take my time that's all.
  4. by   Floridadreamer
    Just be sure to try and think it through. Take your time. And practice, practice, practice!!! That to me was the key. Good luck!!! Then practice some more!!!
  5. by   Ev1987
    Expect to be nervous, that's common. Just make sure that your confident enough in knowing the procedures before test time. Studying is a must!