lna needs advice on 'toxic'co-workers

  1. I have worked for just over a year in a nursing home. Started out great, lots of change in management, now I'm frustated with the lack of teamwork and dysfunctional communication. I have been vocal, we've had meetings but the lna's that have been doing this for years think I'm negative and I've been told if I don't shape up I can look elsewhere! The new management doesn't want any waves and agrees. I'm heartbroken and discouraged. How can I work at this place and be the good little quiet robot they want me to be without being resentful?:angryfire
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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    You said, "it started out great." What was so great about your job then? What has changed since the new management came in? How have teamwork and communication broken down? It's hard to come up with answers without knowing any specifics.

    Is there less staff, less supplies, new rules that make your job harder, more paperwork...?
  4. by   FullHeart
    Thank you for your reply. I think my focus is on how to function at work being happy and not 'complaining' about lack of supplies, my team not caring about the assignments being unequally divided up etc.