I passed my cna test!!

  1. So happy, I was so nervous. Now I just gotta find a job!
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  3. by   MissyBee4983
    Congrats!!! I took mine last Thursday and passed too! I was so nervous about the skills but did fine. My friend got pulse as one skill and failed because she was off by 5 beats instead of just 4 so she is retaking it today. I was so bummed for her but I'm sure she will kick butt today.

    Have you been applying for jobs? I already got hired at the local LTC center that I did my clinicals at. It's just a few blocks from home which is so awesome because I have been driving 20 miles one way to work for the past 1.5 years.

    Way to go again!
  4. by   marsqueen
    Thanks! I haven't started applying, but will probably soon. I applied at the place I did my clinicals at way before I passed my certification, so I'm going to give them a call. They are building an Alzheimer's place near my house, which would be perfect but it's not going to be done until June, so that's out of the question unless I can get in with a temp agency.

    Congrats to you on getting a job so soon!
  5. by   cjyff
    Congrats! Way to go!
  6. by   marsqueen
    Thank you!