Husband is in military in Alaska. I am trying to transfer myCNA license from WI to Alaska

  1. I currently have my CNA license in WI. I've worked the past 8 years at a hospital. My husband is stastioned in Alaska and I will be moving there shortly. Has anyone had to transfer their CNA license from one state to Alaska? Are there any military spouses out there having to go through the same issue also?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Here's the Alaska CNA registry: Nurse Aide Registry, Professional Licensing, Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing

    And here's the application for reciprocity:

    BTW where are you going in Alaska? We were stationed at Ft Greely (Delta Junction, AK) for a couple of years and loved it
  4. by   chevyy09
    Thank you for replying so soon! It's been a confusing process especially with the time difference. Are you in the nursing field? When you were out here did you work on/off
    post? We are at Ft. wainwright in Fairbanks. I love it so far