How to adjust working in night shift while being a college student during the day?

  1. I might get a CNA job (if everything goes well) working 11 PM-7 AM. I'm also taking classes online during the day (I'm taking two for now). I'm usually a morning person, the latest I wake up is 10 AM but I have classes during the day and there's barely any night classes. How did you manage your time working night shift especially if you're a college student?
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    I worked evens and nights through nursing school. Caffeine was my savior. Latte at school every morning.
  4. by   kai_altair
    I'm a night owl, but I really dislike working nights. I had to do only weekend shifts, because I could not stand being up all night and going to class. Now I changed mines to the 3-11 shift, which is a ton better