How much additional training for CNA II?

  1. I was just wondering how many more hours of training a CNA I has to do before they can become a CNA II? Is this classroom training, or on-the-job training? Isn't the only difference between the two is that the CNA II can start IV's and insert foley caths? Thanks!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    CNA II cannot start an IV in a hospital. Most states do not even permit an LPN to do that. Foley caths are dependent upon the facility, some will permit it and some will not.

    CNAs normally do not draw blood either, they may do fingersticks if permitted by the facility, but definitely not IV starts. That is considered administering a medication when you hook up the IV.
  4. by   daisygal
    so what is the difference in a CNA and a CNA II?How much extra would you get in pay? I would have thought a CNA would be just like PCT....
  5. by   CRIMSON
    I believe it all depends on your facility. Currently I am an MA with a few years experience. I work in a Cardiac specialty office in Nuclear Medicine, we all start IV's for the stress tests. When I was in L&D as a tech I used to do foleys and scrub Csections.