How many on your first day?

  1. Hello everyone!!!! Well I go to my 2nd interview Monday at a nursing/rehab(200 bed) place.I told them I wanted part time and with that she told me no problem.I will be trained on every floor because their part time is what they call perdiem.They show you the schedule and you tell them if you can work it or not.Ok my question is.I have never worked as a CNA(yet)not sure what to do.How many patients do they put you with?If I am to learn every floor than it's going to be like starting all over again with learning.I'm ok with learning different things(I hope to work in a hospital after I get this experience).I just hope they don't give me more than I can do and get overwhelmed.I'm also going to be working the 1st shift(if that makes a difference)......So how many is to many patients and is there really a difference in all they floors?
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