How long after the CNA state exam will I receive my license?

  1. I'm just wanting to know because I need to WORK! So, the sooner, the better. Thanks!
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  3. by   mncna08
    umm i think mine took no longer than 3 weeks, tops. start applying places, you will get it soon enouph. besides you should also be on your state registry where they can find you. lol and i was worried about not knowing my registry number...well it was my social. and here, if you dont have icu's or whatever, or your not on the registry for a while, you just fill out a form or call them, give them your work info and you will be back on it! not that you have to worry about that for a while! lol best wishes and hopes it comes soon!
  4. by   Dorali
    It took mine a few weeks before it came.
    Try a Google search : ___ State Nurse Aide Registry. Find a place to enter your name and the number should come up. Then you can put it on your application!

    Good luck with it and your job hunt!