How long after finishing the class...

  1. How long after you finished the CNA class did you take the test?
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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    We took the skills test right after our last day of clinical, and the written a few days later.
  4. by   Taffey
    I took my classes almost two years ago. I just took the test last Saturday. I passed. I would suggest doing it sooner than later.
  5. by   nrsin4
    I took the written test the day after the last day of class and the skills test the day after that.
  6. by   adorblepuppy
    For me it was like two months. I passed the written, failed the skills. One stupid mistake. I retook the skills in jan. and passed. Good luck
  7. by   fwardlaw147
    It took my job a month and a half to two months for me to get scheduled to take my test.
  8. by   crystal25
    It took me 2 months and today I go for my test.
  9. by   jezzie1977
    I took the test the day after the class ended. Both the written and the skills.