hospital vs. ltc

  1. since july i have been employeed at a ltc and i recieved my cna and everything. it is an ok job and i really dont have complaints. it is only part time and offers no benefits.

    i recentally interviewed and got an offer for a pca job at a hospital about 15 minutes further away. it is 40 cents less an hr but i figure that since it offers complete medical and full time it will even out.

    what can i expect to be different in the hospital setting? i am also changing shifts. i am working 7-3 in the ltc but will be working 3-11 in the hospital. i know that i will be able to do a lot more in the hospital. we dont even take bp at the ltc facility.

    any insight to the hospital setting would be helpful. i think the hospital is going to be a better fit for me. i will be working on the ortho-neuro unit.
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