Help! I have an interview in 2 days, and a question about pre-surgery!

  1. I know there's lots of posts to find on here about interviews, but this is important. I applied for a full time position for a Nurse tech at Pre-Surgery. I have no experience in there but have lots of experience with acute rehab and floating to other floors. I need to know what kind of questions they will ask for a CNA for the OR. It's a new environment, and I have been applying for jobs for months but always get denied. Whatever anyone can give me will help, because I want answers just specifically for the OR.

    Also, what do cnas do at pre-surgery? What is their job duties?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    If by pre-surgery you mean a preoperative unit, you won't be in the OR itself. In my facility, the patient care assistants in the preop unit are responsible for getting patients roomed, changed into gowns, taking vitals, and doing any preps that are needed (a chlorhexidine bath and any hair removal required). They will also transport patients from inpatient units to the preop holding area.
  4. by   NTechTruth
    oh ok thanks! What about interview questions?