1. Ok, I am trying to become an stna. And the application says I have to have hepatitis vaccine. I had them done as a child. Do I need to have them done agian?
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  3. by   NurseSpeedy
    No. Most employers will draw a titer to verify immunity once offered employment. If they will not draw it for you, you can either provide them a copy of your medical record as proof of immunization OR get your own titer drawn and provide them a copy of the results.

    I've only seen the hepatitis B vaccine as a voluntary vaccine where we can sign a waver if we choose not to get it. I know I was vaccinated as a child but the clinic that I had it done at was absolutely horrible dealing with for records that I just signed the waiver for nursing school. I later allowed an employer to draw the titer as proof.
  4. by   Jrw123
    Thank you.because it was on my vaccinations record. Does this also apply to the chicken pox vaccine?