From LTC to Hospital with no experience?

  1. Hey everybody, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

    I currently live in Nebraska, and am taking a CNA course this summer. However, I will be moving to Arizona for college this summer and will need to transfer my license. The AZ board of nursing said all I have to do is have a combined 120 Hours of training and my license will transfer.

    My problem is that I am currently in the dietary dept at a nursing home. The class itself is only 76 Hours, so I need an addt'l 45 hours. Do you think they would let me do just clinicals there? If this does work (and I know the lady so it prolly will) how hard would it be to get a job at a hospital in AZ? Keep in mind, this is going from LTC to a hospital with little experience.

    Any input is appreciated!!

    Thanks! Jeremy
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  3. by   KloesMama
    I'm sure u can go into any nursing home and do your 45 hours. They would probably love and welcome the extra help!