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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am kinda new to the community and on my way to choosing a cna training school in nyc. While doing my research I came across a post that a link for free cna skills video, while it was a very helpful link I found it hard to download the videos on the site....I know, technologically impaired/challenged here lol. well, I did some google research and found the perfect website for those, who like me, are technologically challenged/impaired. You don't have to download the videos in order to watch them. The are have other helpful info for new or aspiring cna.

    Hope some of you guys find this info helpful; I know I will refer to this website throughout my cna training. Later and much love
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  3. by   BKAD
    Thanks for sharing the link; I think it will come in handy as I prepare to take the CNA test.
  4. by   stephanie.sagal
    Thank you for the link you!