Foreign Languages for CNA

  1. Hi All. Due to some personal circumstances I think it will be easier and faster for me to obtain a degree from a community college to become a CNA (although I am shooting for an RN). In the long run- I speak 3 foreign languages, and wondering if that could give me any extra changes to be hired on a higher salary than something like 8-9 $ /h (from what I read and hear)? I am not familiar with how much they would even need somebody who speaks languages, I do understand it solely depends on the location and etc. But let's say it would be a big city.
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  3. by   Wannabenurseneko
    I speak 3 languages and so far it hasn't given me a leg up as a CNA , but I think maybe as an RN it will .
  4. by   amoLucia
    For CNA positions, being multi-lingual will most likely NOT add anything to you job search.

    Now as a nurse, it may give you a 'SOFT' edge, that is, if all things were equal between you and another prospective job applicant. Esp if one of the languages meets a need for the community being served. Like Chinese in San Francisco or Spanish in Miami.

    Just know fluency/competency is NOT the same as being 'certified' as a translator. You'd be helpful to communicate, but not able to 'officially' translate.