Doubt regarding CNA exam

  1. Hello..I have a question. I had done bachelors of nursing from India and I am citizen of Canada...I want to know that can I opt for certified nursing assistant course or not?
    actually My ultimate goal is to clear RN exm but till the time can I go for CNA post??
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  3. by   Wannabenurseneko
    Why not just go the RN root since you have done it before , if I were you I would skip CNA course (if it's not required ) and go straight for my RN .
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  4. by   Isha sood
    Actually I have some personal issues and thats why I cnt go for my NCLeX exam preparation for some just please tell me if I can go for CNA post with having RN of India????
    I shall be thankful to you..
  5. by   FolksBtrippin
    That depends on what state you are in. In my state (NJ) CNAs do not need a special license and you can freely apply no matter what your experience.