Contra Costa County Acute Care CNA 2 Month Program

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering it anyone has done this program. The Contra Costa County offers a 2 month acute care CNA program at the John Muir Hospital. I had a few questions?

    1. What is this program like?
    2. The program includes clinical it paid? I have another job and it would effect my income?
    3. What do CNA with Acute Care in the Bay Area make?
    4. Is this a good start for going to a nursing career?
    5. What is the acute care setting like?

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  3. by   DeeDee143
    Hi dawn,

    I live in the Contra Costa county and I also am A CNA/ LVN Student. In my Clincals I have a teacher who works at John Muir Hosptial and they are sooo spolied there. They have a "lift Team" if you need to clean a patient or need help with a heavy patient.Its a nice, clean, and upto date ( computer charting) hospitial.I dont know about the training but I would do it if I were you.That is one of my top hosptials I will be applying at when I graduate.Good Luck