CNA's working in dialysis

  1. Do any of you CNA's out there work in a dialysis clinic? Ours in TN requires a CNA certification and I just wondered what the pay rate is, and what the work is like. Thanks!
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  3. by   Dorali
    Hi Kendra-

    I had an interview this morning at the hospital on a floor with a lot of dialysis patients. I was wondering the same thing.

    The charge nurse I interviewed with told me that I would be responsible for ambulating those patients as well as taking them to wherever the dialysis treatments are given and bringing them back. (This sounds like a good time to learn to make small talk-which I'm not very good at! LOL!) As for pay, here it's the same as it is on every other floor of the hospital. I have no idea if a clinic job would be different.

    I actually came to ask the same question about job duties so I am interested in responses as well.