CNA reimbursement

  1. Hi,

    I understand that nursing homes reimburse you for your CNA class, but do assisted living and home health care agencies do the same?

    Also, are assisted living facilities similar to nursing homes in the type of duties you have? I know some positions require more housekeeping and daily errands and I would prefer more hands on patient care experience. I'd like to work in a hospital but I hear it's difficult to get in the system, especially with no experience.

    Any thoughts appreciated. I am taking prerequisites for nursing school and I figured this would be great experience.

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  3. by   thomasbrooks07
    I am still in my class so I am not positive. My teachers said that your first hire at a nursing home and I think adult foster care home that hires you has to pay for your cna class and books. I don't think that includes home health agencies or hospitals. If you go for a hospital its a much better deal even with out the class reimbursement. Working full time every dollar you make per hour equals 2080 dollars a year.

  4. by   salpal92
    if the facility is medicare and medicaid approved, they have to reimburse you.
  5. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I don't think I was reimbursed! Are they not required to tell you about it, so they can keep the money as long as you don't ask for it?