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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to the boards and I love them. I am 41 yrs old and have not been in school since high school. I have 4 kids and a sahm. I am starting CNA school in January and need a refresher couse in math. I am concerned that this might be to much. Any advise would be greatly appriciated. Also I will be starting lpn school in aug. I am worried about the entrance exam, espiecally the math part of it.
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  3. by   jb2u
    I was out of school for 12 years before I went back to nursing school. What I did was bought one of those "algebra for dummies/idiots" books. I passed the compass test and did not need to take any refresher courses. Good luck to you. Welcome to

  4. by   arpeggiated
    Remember that the CNA course/position is entry-level... nothing too hard involved. I think the most math is adding up i/o's over a shift. You'll pull through alright.