CNA as a 2nd job ?

  1. Hello I'm just going to throw this question out there out of curiosity but do any of you have another job while being a CNA? If so, how do you manage to juggle both ? Would you say it is manageable? How has it affected you mentally/physically ? I don't expect anybody to answer all the questions, just curious. Thank you to anybody who comments !
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  3. by   Missingyou
    I work part time at a LTC facility and about 10 hours as a CNA for a home care agency.
    Works for me since I couldn't tolerate the drama with a bunch of women working full time in a nursing home. The home care gives me the extra money and I can select hours around my part time job.
  4. by   Bigmamalexii
    Thank you for your reply.I guess it is manageable. I was thinking about becoming a CNA part time !