1. I'm a semi-new STNA in Ohio...I am also a BSN student. Do my college courses count toward continuing education to keep my STNA license? Also, I'm sure this is a silly question and included in the letter I received awarding my STNA but how/who do I show I've met my CEUs?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    In my state, you list your CEUs on the back of your renewal form when they send it to you and I used my BSN classes when I did my first renewal, (actually my second renewal because my first renewal did not require CEUs). But this was for LVN, not CNA. When I had a CNA certificate, CEUs were not required at that time. Usually the DSD at the facility where a person works is up to date on all this info and would be able to help you if you are working. Otherwise, just call the agency that awarded your certificate.