AZ new CNA! Recommends RSAA

  1. I just took my stateboard exam last week and I am pleased to say I passed!!!!! It was challanging and the lady from the stateboard on my skills portion made me feel very uncomfortable, but I just talked my way through everything and did they best I learned how. I didnt miss one step in my skills and I recieved a 92% on the written. I am telling you this because I feel part of the great success was due to where I took my class and did my clinicals. I went to RSAA in mesa. I would highly recommend it and if you private message me, I'll give you the name of the instructor and times that in my opinon made this experience a success and also gave me a ton of postive reference letters.:spin:

    I'm planning on appling and going into the lpn program. then rn and rn to bsn.. cna is a lot of work, if anyone is out there, thats a cna, can you tell me your pay here in az and where you went to work?

    Good Luck to everyone!!!
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